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Are You Tired of Dealing With Unreliable Computer Consultants Who Are Difficult To Reach, and Fail To Deliver The Level of Service You Expect...?

Are You Tired Of Having Technicians Come Out - Only To Continue Dealing With Frustrating Network Issues, Computer Downtime, Haphazard and Unprofessional Computer and Network Support?

Do You Have An Unsettling Feeling In The Pit Of Your Stomach That Your Important Company Data Is Not 100% Safe and Backed Up Regularly? You're Not Alone........

From The Desk of Damon Floyd - Owner of Quest I.T.

Dear Colleague

It just amazes me how unreliable and out-of-touch some I.T. technicians and consultants are. When you call them for help, you end up talking to their voice mail. Then when you finally get them on the phone, they make you wait hours -- even days -- before they can actually remotely assist or come out to see you. Even at that, a lot of them are late, never really explain what they are doing, and as a final insult - bill you for work that’s never completed. To top it off, they act like they are doing you a favor.

Enough Is Enough!
I think it’s about time someone finally got it right. That’s why we decided to commit ourselves to delivering fast, affordable, and professional I.T. support from technicians who are reliable AND professional - in other words, they show up quickly AND know what they're doing.

Although I don’t think this is an amazing concept, it still surprises me how many companies don’t get it right. After all, you and I know that there are plenty of computer consulting firms out there offering some type of network support; but a lot of them are new, or just getting started in the business. Some will even outsource their clients’ projects to part-time technicians that are between jobs or are on breaks from college.

We focus on getting to know your business and network thoroughly so we can prevent most issues from happening, and respond super fast to those issues we can't prevent. What a concept!

I’ve been serving business and government customers in Indiana for over seventeen years, and ALL of our technicians are full-time employees that hold the most up-to-date certifications and expertise in every area of networking, systems, and software. When you hire us for ANY project, not only can you expect it to be done right, but you can expect it to be done on time and on budget.

Years of experience dealing with hundreds of business owners and office managers have taught us that they all have four similar baseline needs:
1. A Stable Network
2. Productive Employees
3. Reliable Access To Internet and Email
4. To Know That Their Company Information is Secure AND Backed-Up.

Quest I.T. addresses these needs through comprehensive network support. While there are a lot of competitors, we think you'll agree that you don't want a company supporting your network whose entire business model is banking on your network, software, and systems going down. We'll not only be there when you need us, but with our fixed-price Unlimited Managed Services programs - we'll also be there BEFORE you even know you need us.

If you are a new customer to us, I’d like to invite you to sign up for a
FREE Problem Prevention Network Audit where one of our business technology specialists will come on site and perform a 27-point performance assessment and tune-up to pinpoint any vulnerabilities to viruses, hackers, or data loss, and to show you how to improve the speed and reliability of your computer network. This offer comes at no cost to you, and with zero strings attached. We simply offer this service to prospective customers as a way of introducing ourselves to you without the risk. Click here to learn more.

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*Important: At this time we only service small to medium businesses with at least 5 or more PCs. We do not service home users.
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